Secret To Fall Asleep As Fast As Possible

Secret To Fall Asleep As Fast As Possible

By Springwel | August 14, 2019

Are you looking for the fastest way to sleep possible? Are you spending more time trying to fall asleep than actually sleeping? If yes, you are not alone. Just trying too hard can cause a cycle of anxiety which keeps our minds awake. And if your mind can’t sleep, it’s really difficult for your body to follow. But here are some tricks listed by Springwel you can try to sleep faster and guide your body into a safe shut down mode.

Lower the room temperature:

Your body temperature changes when you fall asleep. The core temperature decreases and the your hands/feet temperature increases. It might be difficult for you to sleep in a warm room. However, individual preferences vary so find the temperature which works the best for you. Also, taking a warm shower can also speed up the body’s temperature changes. As your body cools down afterwards, this can help send a signal to your brain to go to sleep.

Use 4-7-8 breathing method:

The 4-7-8 method is simple yet powerful which promotes calmness and relaxation. It consists of a breathing pattern which relaxes the nervous system. This can be practiced anytime you feel nervous. The steps are:
   1. Place the tip of your tongue behind upper front teeth
   2. Exhale completely and make a whoosh sound.
   3. Inhale via nose while mentally counting to four.
   4. Hold your breath and mentally count to seven.
   5. Exhale completely and mentally counting to eight.
   6. Repeat this cycle at least three more times.

This technique can relax you and help you fall asleep quickly.

Hide the clock:

You may toss and turn watching the minute hand move towards morning. Does this sound familiar? If yes, hide the clock. Constantly checking the time only increases your stress, making it harder to turn down the nervous system and fall asleep.

Be comfortable:

The mattress store in India have shown that having a comfortable mattress and bedding has a significant impact on the quality of sleep.The quality of your pillow is also crucial. In addition to this, the use of a weighted blanket could reduce body stress and help improve your sleep.

Turn off all electronics:

Avoid using electronic devices late at night. Watching TV, playing video games, using a mobile phone and social networking can make it significantly harder for you to fall and stay asleep.

Adjust sleep position:

Your sleep quality may also be affected by your body position during night. Basically, there are three main sleeping positions: back, stomach or side. One’s individual preferences play an important role in choosing sleep position with the side position seems to be linked to high-quality sleep.

Therefore, having trouble in falling asleep is not only frustrating but can negatively impact the mental/physical health. The techniques listed above can help fall asleep quickly while sleeping better with more energy for next day.