Latex Pillow

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Latex Pillow – Lumbar Support

Springwel’s Latex Lumbar Support  is specially developed to use while at ...

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Latex Pillow – Donut Ring ( For Piles )

This specially designed rings has a hole in the middle for the relief of post-na...

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Latex Pillow – Coccyx Cushion

This  specially designed Coccyx Cushion takes the pressure off your coccyx (tai...

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Latex – Seat Wedge

Seat Wedge is specially designed to relieve and help prevent lower back pain. Th...

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Latex – Travel Neck Pillow

The natural latex Travelling Neck Pillow will be the most comfortable cervical p...

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Latex – Kid Pillow

This Kid Pillow is specially designed for neck and head support contour pillow f...

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Latex Pillow- Convoluted Contour ( Massage )

In addition to all the advantages of the contour pillow, small cones of Convolut...

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Latex Pillow – Contour King

The Doctor Pillow supports your neck in such a way to keep it aligned with rest ...

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Latex – Contour Small ( Lady Pillow )

Specially designed Contour Small Pillow offers a choice of higher or lower neck ...

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Latex – Heart Pillow

This Heart Pillow is specially designed in the shape to fit between neck and sho...

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Latex – Standard Pillow

Its a Latex Pillow from the house of Springwel Mattresses Pvt. Ltd. Original hyp...

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