Industrial Foam

World-Class Infrastructure, Plant & Machinery

Springwel Mattresses Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of high quality flexible polyester and polyether PU Foam. It has set up a world class manufacturing facility at Bhiwadi (Rajasthan), with an annual capacity of 15,000 tons. The plant is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and uses some of the latest equipment such as a Hennecke foaming plant, a 32 Meter loop peeler and many other machines. By adding world class machinery and stringent quality control system, we ensure that all our products to be competitive and conform to market requirements. We have infrastructure and capability of manufacturing a wide range of PU foams.

Automotive foam

Our Automotive foam has a regular and fine cell structure which gives high mechanical strength and is not affected by solvents and petroleum products. This foam is perfect medium for flame and glue laminations with various normal and technical textiles or leather.

Major Application

  • Seat Covers, Helmets
  • Sound and Vibration Absorption
  • Lamination with Fabric / vinyl / leather / synthetic leather

Sound Absorption Foam

his light weight PU Foam is a high performance sound barrier which efficiently handles low, mid and high frequency ranges of sound energy. These forms are specially made for application wherein fire retardancy and sound absorption characteristics are required.

Major Application

  • Canopy for DG Sets and Air Compressors
  • Broadcasting and Recording Studios
  • Industrial Silencers
  • Engine Testing Rooms
  • Electronic Data Processing Units

Hard Foam

Our Hard Foam is polyether based PU foam made with an increased hardness range and are ideal for application in area where additional support and higher load bearing is required. This foam is widely used in upper, mid and bottom part of the shoes, various automotive parts, carpet industry, riding apparels, knee pads etc. It can be diecut, milled and laminated with other fabrics.

Major Application

  • Shoe
  • Automotive Sector

High Resilient Foam

Our HR foam has resilience greater than 50% for good recovery and even distribution of pressure, providing ultimate comfort. It has all the qualities of Natural latex making it preferred choice to produce quality bedding and furniture.

Major Application

  • Mattresses
  • Sofa-sets
  • Upholstery

Home Comfort Products that Support Many Aspects of Life

Springwel has been among the brand leaders in premium comfort products and experts in providing better sleep solutions promoting healthy living. With an ISO 9001 certification, Springwel has brought the most advanced technologies to deliver utmost quality products as per the ever-increasing demands. Our innovative range of products supports our mission to support better sleep for healthy living.

Health & Hygiene protection: Springwel mattresses are treated with 'Health & Hygience Protection' that prevents the breeding of dust mites, bacteria and fungi which helps avoid many health related problems.

OCS Technology: Springwel PUF products incorporate advanced OCS technology to enhance breathability for added comfort.

Springwel Range of PU Foam Mattresses

COMFORT ACCESSORIES: Pillows | Mattress Protector | Bolsters Cushion

Our products that support many aspects of life

Springwel offers superior range of furniture cushioning products that promise added comfort, support and durability for furniture such as Sofa Sets, Chairs etc. All our furniture cushioning products are treated with 'Health & Hygiene Protection' that prevents the breeding of dust mites, bacteria to provide better comfort and support.

Springwel offers wide range of Flexible PU foam for furniture cushioning applications:

Springwel TechnoFoam has emerged as the most reliable name in bedding and furniture cushioning. It offers extra bounce, added comfort and long-lasting support. With the assurance of being 100 % pure TechnoFoam Sheets and Cushions stay in shape for years without sagging.

Springwel Range of PU Foam Mattresses

Commercial Grade Foam : These foams have been made to fulfill the need of cost-sensitive market. They are made with the use of filler to control the production cost. Despite being available at lower prices, our CG Foam retains most of the properties of pure foam against any deterioration.

MAJOR APPLICATIONS: Packaging, Low cost upholstery

Our technical foams are used in many applications across various industries

UV Foam

UV stability plays a very important role where paling (yellowing) is detrimental to the product quality, outlook and life. Our UV foam has no auxiliary blowing agents to make it usable in various kinds of undergarments, which doesn't harm the human body. This speciality foam provides superior thermo-formability and color stability without fading or paling.

Major Application

  • Sports & other shoes
  • Inner-wear & Lingerie
  • Clothing & Swim Suits

Visco-elastic Foam

Our Visco-elastic temperature sensitive foam has an open-cell structure that reacts to body temperature and weight by sensing and shaping itself to the body. The memory foam "moulds" to your neck and head, creating a comfortable cradle for your head while you sleep. It helps relieving the pressure points and prevents pressure sores while you are sleeping.

Major Application

  • Mattresses
  • Sofa-sets
  • Upholstery
  • Quilting

Our technical foams are used in many applications across various industries

Supersoft Foam

Our Supersoft PU foam is polyether based and made with extra softness for specific comfort applications in low to medium density range (15-30 kg/m3). Supersoft foam is used for all quilting needs, mattress overlay, top lining in sofas, pillows etc. Fabric laminated soft foam is used in car seat covers, upholstered headboards, upholstered wall, baby carrier bags, jackets, leisure apparel, hiking clothes, helmets, toys etc.

Major Application

  • Quilting needs
  • Upholstery soft surface

Fire Retardant Foam

Our special Fire Retardant foam not only slow down the fire but also get selfextinguished. These foams can be made using polyether polyol or polyester polyol to meet required statutory specifications.

Major Application

  • Building construction, automotive and transportation industry
  • Furniture & bedding
  • Cinema hall, conference hall, recording studio etc.

Lamination Grade Foam

Our lamination foam is very superior in cell structure, cell size distribution and porosity so that the thickness loss after flame lamination is minimum and the composite have maximum bonding strength. It also has higher mechanical strength and is not effected by organic solvents and petroleum products. This Foam is a perfect medium for flame and adhesive laminations with various technical textile or leather.

Major Application

  • Seat Covers
  • Sound and Vibration Absorption wall
  • Sports wear, jackets, helmet, gloves, bags
  • Padding such as cricket pad
  • Ortho-care Products
  • Thermal insulation and packaging

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