Premium Collection

Springwel Premium Collection of Pillow-Top Mattresses is a result of our continuous effort for greater comfort to fit into the lifestyle of those who demand the best. It features advanced bonnell spring support structure with additional soft pillow-top layer, filled with antimicrobial-treated polyester fibre and super soft PU foam. This luxurious top layer offers additional loft and softness, while providing resilience to body contours.

Moreover, it gently adjusts to the different pressure points and enhances body relaxation during sleep.



A. Premium quality jacquard fabric with chain stitched quilting

B. Luxurious Pillow-Top Layer filled with Soft Polyester fibre and foam

C. High Density PUF Sheet as Comfort Layer

D. High Density Rubberised Coir Sheet as Support Layer

E. High Quality Polypropylene Mesh as Insulator

F. High Tensil Bonnell / Pocketed Springs made on Swiss Machines